Assistant Professors

Chiara Bassetti

Chiara is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology of the National Council of the Researches (ISTC-CNR), and teaches Qualitative Methods at the University of Trento. Working within an ethnomethodological framework, she has extensive experience in ethnography, conversation analysis and video-analysis. Her research focus rests on the minute details of human action-in-interaction, with particular attention to nonverbal and embodied aspects, and the role of tools and technologies. Since 2012 she works in several interdisciplinary teams.

Andrea Mubi Brighenti

Andrea is Sociologist and Social Theorist based at the Department of Sociology,  University of Trento. Research topics focus on a variety of phenomena concerning spatial dynamics, urban space, power and society.

Claudia Faraone

Claudia is an architect, European PhD in Territorial Policies and Local Project, post-graduate at EMU - European Postgraduate masters’ degree in Urbanism (2007, UPC Barcellona, TU Delft e KU Leuven). Since 2004 she has been participating and organizing several workshops, research projects, exhibitions and audio-visual productions dealing with urban explorations, cultures of production of urban space and its practices. In this perspective she dealt with description and design proposals for urban landscape transformations, such as changing territories after natural disasters (Skopje and L’Aquila) and after socio-economic transformations (Veneto region and Rome). Since 2005 she collaborated as teaching assistant at the IUAV of Venice, at Roma 3 University, and at Advanced Course of Visual Arts - Fondazione Ratti in Como.

Cristina Mattiucci

Cristina is an architect, European PhD in Environmental Engineering (curriculum Planning, Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Building) with a thesis on the perception of landscapes. Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Trento and ENSA Paris la  Villette (2011-2014),  she is currently contracted professor  at the University of Trento. Her research deals with contemporary landscape in its multiple meanings and manifestation, with a predilection for its features of inhabited territory and public space. She is also active with planning and project works. She has several academic teaching experiences both abroad and in Italy.