Discovering Italy

Discovering Italy

Travelling to Italy means visiting a world mad of arts, history and great landscapes.

You can breathe art and history everywhere, in all corners. Every visit will gift you with unexpected surprises.

Italy is unbeatable thanks to the fascination and variety of its regions, each marked with peculiar aspects. Your visit to Italy will be an experience guiding you through beauty, culture and nature, surrounded by the traces of a past made of arts and civilization, which created here an unparalleled mix.
Italy is home to the highest number of works of art and documents protected by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Only few other countries in the world may show off such a wide range of cultural and touristic treasures, able to meet all expectancies: Roman ruins, Renaissance masterpieces, the works resulting from the genial minds of Michelangelo, Bernini, Leonardo, Giotto, the canals in Venice.
Beyond its art treasures, Italy also offers leisure opportunities away from the cities: ski-fields in the Alps, mountain paths in the Dolomites and the diving sites off its coasts. In order to fully enjoy the country, you need to experience the Italian life style: plunge in its history, culture and traditions, relax while sipping a good cup of coffee in some street-café or enjoy a meal at the feet of its mountains.

Of course it is also pleasant to pamper yourself with the pleasure offered by the nice food and excellent wines. “Slow Food” - an association fostering the promotion and recovery of fresh food products and good traditional cuisine – was founded in Italy. Slow Food was initially a movement opposing the idea of fast-food but it then became a complete philosophy known all over.

Further, Italy is known all over thanks to its precious craftmanship, involving different sectors: wood carving, ceramic crafts, hand-crafted textiles and embroidery, glass and precious metal works and many more.
Some sectors of the Italian industry are on the cutting edge: let us think of fashion – marked by its famous brands - whose talent and skills lead the "Made in Italy” production to the top positions in the world, thus including Milan and Rome among the fashion capitals.
Other examples of excellence are the automotive, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and chemical sectors, which play a key role in the Italian economy.

Last but not least the agro-food sector, with its traditional products which make the Italian cuisine one of the most beloved in the world. Food products as pasta and pizza are recognizable symbols of Italy all over. The “Mediterranean diet” is a nutritional model born in Italy and in 2010 it was listed among the World Intangible Heritage.

About Italy:

Surface 301.336 km2
Location South Europe between France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia
Population 60.626.442
Form of government Parliamentary Republic
Language Italian
Currency Euro; major credit cards widely accepted
Capital city Rome, pop 2.700.000
Climate Alpine, continental, Mediterranean
Time zone in winter CET (UTC+1)
Time zone in summer CEST (UTC+2)