The Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory, which is located in the Department of Economics and Management in the University of Trento, focuses on business research. The Lab research activity is markedly interdisciplinary, being able to combine  economic, statistical, management and legal knowledge and competences.

The Laboratory intends to contribute to the professional development of individuals, as well as  to the broad dissemination of its research results into  the business world. As such, the Lab will provide empirical research training based on its data and will set up the STEIN Farm as a place for continued training and personal development for managers, as well as for  established and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The changes taking place in modern economics are marked by processes of decentralized manufacturing, outsourcing, and the vitalness of creative and project based activities. Over the next few years, a considerable portion of the overall skilled jobs will be linked to the creation of entrepreneurial and self-starting initiatives. Thus, there is a growing need to  foster and encourage entrepreneurial, proactive and creative behaviour and in order to grasp opportunities and exploit them as key business ideas.


The STEIN Farm aims to become a center for the nurturing and growth of business creativity and innovative ideas rooted within the University and the economic and social fabric of Trentino. Its ultimate goal is to give support to new entrepreneurial initiatives. Successful business ideas are not necessarily centered on the individual but on teams and interdisciplinary experiences. These ideas rise and grow as the result of the interaction between the scientific and managerial competences already abundant in Trentino but which still tend todevelop in an independent and fragmentary manner.


The Farm will provide the following services:

  1. Idea Generation Laboratories. Many initiatives currently in support of  innovation tend to concentrate on the development of ideas which have already been generated by research groups or individuals. We aim to supply the tools which  encourage the creation of new potential business ideas by starting from the cross fertilization between heterogeneous technical-scientific and business knowledge areas.
  2. Business Development Laboratories. The transition from the creation stage of an innovative idea to its definition as a business model is critical. Facing up to the the entrepreneurial environment and to the established business development institutions is extremely important in order to hone an idea and create further opportunities for negotiation. The Farm offers a mentoring service for neo entrepreneurs aiming at helping them in appropriately formulating  their business idea in preparation for successful outcomes when meeting with potential investors.
  3. Pitch. The Farm is a meeting place set up for neo entrepreneurs and a network of potential investors.
  4. Advanced entrepreneurial consulting services for active startups. We would like to support those who already have an ongoing entrepreneurial project, in providing them with effective governance and strategy solutions, market intelligence, project management, and helping them in understanding the basic legal framework supporting innovative activities, such as the applicable intellectual property laws.

Resources and Skills

The Farm includes experts in developing new entrepreneurial ideas as well as strategy specialists and experts in market research, business and commercial law, innovation management and corporate finance.