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Stein Lab, Strategy Entrepreneuship & Innovation Laboratory

The main purpose of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory (STEIN) is to focus on business research. The Lab research activity is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing on economic, statistical, management and legal knowledge and competences.. This approach allows to systematically collect and assess information on the various aspects considered essential to a business at the centre of the dynamics of an economic system.

The Laboratory also intends to contribute to the professional development and the dissemination of the research results in the business world. As such, the Lab will provide empirical research training based on its data, becoming  a place where to conduct applied research and where to offer continued training for managers, as well as for entrepreneurs and  aspiring ones. 

Research Areas

There are three large areas of interest:

  1. business and entrepreneurship – enterprise creation, evolution, selection and growth; decision-making, governance, knowledge management, human resources and risk models; internal business management strategies.
  2. innovation, technology and internationalization  - innovative processes, intellectual property rights and laws, technological spillovers, the impact of technology and internationalization.
  3. industrial, institutional and territorial dynamics – demographics, agglomeration, territories and markets; institutional contexts and business behavior; external constraints and public policies.

Methodology and Tools

STEIN embraces a methodology characterized by an empirical research approach based on the analysis of data, field studies and laboratory experiments as well as studies on regulatory impact and comparative case analysis. The laboratory plans to buy, build and maintain large data banks or datasets on businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation. Data will be acquired in particular through access to public or privately owned databases or by conducting specific surveys and case studies. When empirical studies involving experiments are to be carried out by the research area, CEEL will be consulted and collaboration sought.

The research group has solid experience in the field of applied business research. In particular, econometric techniques, spatial statistics and building case studies are part of the methodological makeup. The members of the laboratory integrate organizational knowledge and business strategy with the study of industrial dynamics and the analysis of innovation policies.

Entrepreneurship Support

The Laboratory intends to become a meeting point for young aspiring entrepreneurs as well as researchers and those already active in business. Informal business analysis sessions will be organized with a view to encouraging fruitful contacts and cross-fertilization among young graduates in economics, technology and in the natural sciences (Startup Café).

International Contact

The research group’s well-established network of national and international contacts is a continous source of  learning and facing up to the best practices in business and innovation research.



A new laboratory on entrepreneurship will start in September, devoted to the MAIN and MIM students, as well as for students of all other Departments.


The Contamination Lab (C-LAB) will start soon: it will be an opportunity for entrepreneurial creativity and training for start-uppers, students, talented people.

The C-LAB is organized on the basis of a sound horizontal interaction and cooperation among people with different and complementary skills.
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Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory  (STEIN)
Laboratorio strategia, imprenditorialità e innovazione