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3rd International Summer School on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems

Radical developments in material science and biomimicry, nanoscience and nanotechnology, telecommunications and sensor technologies are about to transform the way of engineering design, are conceived and carried out. Indeed, within the next ten years smart materials and structures, bio-inspired, nanostructured, with embedded sensors and systems capable of self-diagnosis, will be part of our life, from simple goods to civil buildings. These elements will be permanently connected to a distributed management network so that owners, users, and in general, all those involved in the production/management process - connected via the Internet - can check element conditions during production, transport, installation and operation.

The scope of the School is to provide a basic overview of smart technologies from a cross-disciplinary perspective with special focus on biomimicry, nano- and micro-technolologies, fiber optics sensors, control devices, NDT evaluation, decision making.


International lecturer

  • Pietro Asinari (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
  • Dennis Bernal (Northeastern University, USA)
  • James Brownjohn (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Douglas S. Galvao (University of Campinas, Brazil)
  • Branko Glisic (Princeton University, USA)
  • Emad Jomehzadeh (KGUT, Iran)
  • Wieslaw Ostachowicz (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
  • Ton Peijs (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
  • Hoon Sohn (KAIST, Korea)


Who should attend

Graduate students and post-doc researchers pursuing research in the field of new technologies applied to structural health monitoring and control.

The extended registration deadline is July 16, 2014.  Register here.



16 July 2014: extended registration deadline
21-25 July 2014: School event