Partners conducted a needs analysis, and develop modules for staff consisting of: basic information, knowledge and innovative teaching methods (good practices), intercultural skills and conflict management, empowerment strategies to strengthen key skills of / of learners, new approaches for improved transition and successful integration in the labor market, with the right tools Europass certification.

Drawing on findings from the needs analysis, the consortium will develop a toolkit for a blended course for vocational education trainers, teachers and other multipliers to prevent the school drop out.

The problematic has been linked to the interaction of factors such as individual social-economic status, family context, gender, socio-economic context of the education and training systems attended by the affected, other factors within the school, education and training environment, policies, etc. PREDIS integrates a transnational approach which taps into the synergy of a consortium of the European partners who operate collaboratively at local, municipal, national and international levels.

The outcomes of the project will be transferred into curriculum of VET trainers.

The produced materials will be tested by participants at different phases, especially during the course, and accordingly modified by the consortium before they will be finally incorporated into the handbook.

The handbook will be translated in the languages of the partners of the consortium. It will include all modules, and a summary of the Blended Course.

The handbook and other project products and publications – will be available for download on the websites of the consortium partners for free.