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mRNA fate 2012. Life and Death of mRNA in the Cytoplasm

The goal of the "mRNA fate" workshop is to provide a snapshot on how decision of the fate of each specific transcribed mRNA is paramount to determine almost any cell activity relying on gene expression control.

The workshop is intended to provide an overview of recent insights about the fate of mRNAs in the cytoplasm, in particular the events promoting or preventing mRNA translation in a certain cell location and at a certain time, determining proteome changes and the phenotype of cells.

The workshop will cover with both mechanistic and system-level views the activities of regulated transport, localization, silencing, translation and degradation,of the ribonucleoprotein particles, and the cell stimuli eliciting them. Attention will be given to the dynamics of the trans acting factors - RNA binding proteins and non-coding RNAs - responsible for this behavior and to their complex interplay on cis acting targets in the mRNA sequence.

Without loosing the descriptive power of molecular details, the workshop will favor a cell biology, phenotype-driven perspective, with the aim of demonstrating how powerful post-transcriptional regulations can be in controlling major cellular events, orchestrating development and, when deregulated, causing disease. Attention will be also given to new investigation technologies.

The workshop is structured in such a way to provide an arena for the interaction of young investigators with experienced scientists. Plenary talks will be focused on broad topics; extensive discussions, poster sessions and meetings will promote the interaction of the postdocs and PhD students with the leading experts of the field.

Confirmed Speakers:

Yoav Arava (Haifa, Israel), Claudia Bagni (Leuven, Belgium), Stefano Biffo (Milan, Italy), Elena Conti (Munich, Germany), Witold Filipowicz (Basel, Switzerland), André P. Gerber (Zurich, Switzerland), Roberto Gherzi (Genova, Italy), Robert Gilbert (Oxford, UK), Myriam Gorospe (Baltimore, USA), Stefan Hüttelmaier (Halle, Germany), Jack Keene (Durham, USA), Michael Kiebler (Vienna, Austria), Fabrizio Loreni (Roma, Italy), Raul Mendez (Barcelona, Spain), Kiyoshi Nagai (Cambridge,UK), Dierk Niessing (Munich, Germany), Davide Ruggero (San Francisco, USA), Robert Schneider (New York, USA), Matthias Selbach (Berlin, Germany), Nahum Sonenberg (Montreal, Canada), Jacqueline Trotter (Mainz, Germany), Gabriele Varani (Seattle, USA), Anne E. Willis (Leicester, UK)

Participation Fees

Students (undergraduate - PhD): until May 10th 250 €  - after May 10th 350 €
Full: until May 10th 350 €  - after May 10th 450 €

Abstract submission: deadline May 10th



Alessandro Quattrone & Paolo Macchi,
Centre for Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Italy


Michela Denti
Centre for Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Italy

Alessandro Provenzani
Centre for Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Italy

Gabriella Viero
Institute of Biophysics, National Research Council

The workshop will take place in Riva del Garda, Trento – Italy at the Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort.


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