5th IAHR Europe Congress - New challenges in hydraulic research and engineering


Master Classes

On 11 June 2018, one day before the official beginning of the Congress, three Masterclasses will be held.

During the Masterclasses,  Ph.D students and young researchers will have the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing and planned research activity with colleagues and with one or two masters expert on the field. The masterclasses will be an informal opportunity to share information, check ideas and create future collaborations.

The following topics will be treated:

1.     Experimental methods and experimental techniques used in fluid mechanics and river hydraulics.

Optical laboratory methods, e.g. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV), Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA), as well as field techniques for the measurement of velocity, sediment concentration, pressure, topography will be object of discussion.

Masters: Mario Franca, Michele Larcher 

2.     Open channel flow hydraulics, with applications to sediment transport, debris flow and mudflow, local scours and mathematical models

Masters: Vladimir Nikora, Massimo Greco

3.     New challenges in water supply networks

The recent paradigms of water-energy-food nexus are changing the conditions of water supply and operation of pipeline network in almost all water sectors, urban supply, irrigation supply and process industry. As a consequence the scientific literature started to focus on a number of new topics that in the past were considered on the border of the hydraulic research, but that now are becoming really promising for scientists and engineers working on smart cities, water resource assessment, renewable energies, and so on.

The master class coordinators spent their research activities in the last decade on a number of these new topics.

​ ​Operation of water networks, including irrigation and process industry. Water supply and leakage control, energy harvesting solutions, eco-design of industrial products for water distribution, integration of water and energy sources, application of ICT techniques to the water sector.​

Masters: Armando Carravetta; Helena M. Ramos 

> If you are interested to participate, please contact IAHR2018@unitn.it, by inserting in the object the key word masterclass, attach a short CV and a short description (10-line max) with a brief summary of your research. If you have submitted an extended abstract to the conference, please indicate also the assigned code.


Short Courses

Experimental methods and experimental techniques used in fluid mechanics and river hydraulics
Concurrently with the master class: “Experimental methods and experimental techniques used in fluid mechanics and river hydraulics” a short course (4-6 hours) on “application of experimental techniques in fluid mechanics” will be offered to the participants. During the short course the non-contact techniques of velocity measurements will be briefly explained. The techniques are: Particle Image velocimetry, laser Doppler velocimetry, Phase Doppler Velocimetry. The aim of the course is to become familiar with the techniques of PIV LDA and PDA, through the explanation of the basic concepts but above all through the direct experimentation on physical models. The students will make direct measurements of speed fields using instrumentation supplied by unibz, under the supervision of the trainers, in order to appreciate their potential and correct application methodologies. The travel expenses from Trento to Bozen (“NOI” laboratories) will be in charge to the organizer (University of Bolzano)
Target students: PhD students, researcher in Fluid Dynamics
Trainer: Dr Fabio DiFelice (Vasca Navale, Roma), Maurizio Righetti (University of Bolzano)

YPN Activities

During the congress lot of activities will be planning involving YPNs:

- daily corners: 3 themes will be defined to be discussed during this 3 moments (probably 30 minutes each during lunch time.

Themes and Chairman will be defined soon.

- the general assembly: 2 hours of discussion on important issues for the future and evolutions of our YPN. The agenda will be available soon.

- YPN night: more information will be soon availble .