Workshops and chairs

The 5th EZPM promotes the participation of young PIs to the organization of this strategic meeting. The format of the meeting is centered around parallel workshops led by specialists in different fields, who are willing to stimulate the development of new ideas through coordination of presentations and productive discussion.

Suggested workshops and chairs

Advanced Imaging    Claire Wyart, Paris, France
Cancer  Maria Caterina Mione, Trento, Italy
Cardiovascular system   Nadia Mercader, Berne, Switzerland
Developmental Biology Patrick Blader, Toulouse, France
Disease Susana Lopes, Lisbon, Portugal
Epigenetic  Nadine Vastenhouw, Dresden, Germany
Genetic engineering Christian Mosimann, Zurig, Switzerland
Genomic  Ferenc Müller, Birmingham, UK
Hematopoietic system Eirini Trompouki, Freiburg, Germany
Immune System Baubak Bajoghli, Tubingen, Germany
Metabolism Philipp Gut, Lausanne, Switzerland
Neuroscience Isaac Bianco, London, UK
Neurobiology Filippo Del Bene, Paris, France
Vascular/metabolism Massimo Santoro, Torino, Italy












>>> More workshop chairs will be selected from registrants

CIBIO-Centre for Integrative Biology
University of Trento
Maria Caterina Mione


Communication and Events Service
University of Trento